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Pondering the “Bull of Winter” — in Flight*

Reporting from the small plane flying from Boston to Chicago, first leg of the journey to Fairbanks, Alaska: I’ve nearly finished reading a paper called “Gone the Bull of Winter?” by anthropologist Susan Crate (Current Anthropology, Vol. 49, Number 4, … Continue reading

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India and Climate Change: A Summary of Four, Perhaps Six Blog Posts, Ending with a Profound Question

One day I will finish consolidating my notes and bring you details of my climate change explorations in India. Apart from visiting family, in the cramped two weeks I had there, I spoke to (and in two cases attended seminars … Continue reading

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Interlude: Where I am, What I’m doing

Alas, time has become a frenemy, as my students might put it.  One the one hand, I have been having a marvelous time, rich with learning and enhanced by travels and conversations with a number of people.  On the other, … Continue reading

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Of Words and Their Power: Three Examples and a Musing

I’ve been thinking lately about terms and terminology, and the power of words.  Consider the following three examples: Global Warming and climate change.  What is the difference between them?   There are people who feel strongly about using one term versus … Continue reading

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