Interlude: Where I am, What I’m doing

Alas, time has become a frenemy, as my students might put it.  One the one hand, I have been having a marvelous time, rich with learning and enhanced by travels and conversations with a number of people.  On the other, this means that I have less time to keep this blog updated.  I am several posts behind — I’ve finished the UCSD Climate Change course (a wonderful experience), am halfway through Dynamics and Chaos, and am considering taking another course, although I’ll have catching up to do.  From my brief sojourn in India I have at least four posts to write, summarizing conversations with science and policy people as well as activists and educators about climate change from an Indian perspective.  Soon I will be off to another trip — more learning and experiencing — in a place where climate change is happening at an accelerated pace — Alaska! — of which more anon.  I am reading massive tomes on everything from Arctic geology to history to native cultures, and if I can come up for air, I will post a book review or two. 

I appreciate the patience of those following this blog.  I will try to keep posts short and more frequent.  


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