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Looking at Clouds

My sabbatical is long over, alas, but like any good project it has reverberations and influences that last well beyond the submission date.  So I am going to keep this blog going, as a place to air thoughts as I … Continue reading

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My Alaskan Case Study is Published!

Last year, in the spring of 2014, I took my first sabbatical.  I had just won a program award from the American Association of Colleges and Universities to complete an interdisciplinary case study on a real-world issue as a part … Continue reading

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At the Edge of the World: Barrow

En route to Barrow, the Alaska Airlines flight stopped briefly at Deadhorse Junction.  With my nose pressed to the window as the plane came gently down, I caught a glimpse of a vast, flat, white expanse of ice, with what … Continue reading

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